Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank you to my supporters! My Campaign for Judicial Reform Continues! Endorsement of Sam Houston, Linda Yañez and Jim Jordan.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me, contributed to my campaign, and/or asked others to vote for me.

Although I did not win, I am encouraged by the fact that nearly 900,000 people voted for me. If you consider that 81 year-old Gene Kelly, who did not campaign, got almost 27% of the vote in his Senate race against Rick Noriega, Ray McMurrey, and Rhett Smith from voters who appear to have been voting solely for famous names and consider that these voters almost certainly voted for Sam Houston for the same reason, simple math (44/73) shows that I got more than 60% of the remaining vote! Who knows what could have happened had I not been running against a famous name.

That said, I congratulate Sam Houston, Linda Yañez and Jim Jordan (who ran unopposed) on their Democratic primary wins. Sam Houston, unlike Gene Kelly, is a serious candidate whom I now endorse and whom I genuinely hope will win in November. Likewise, I have met and been impressed with Linda Yañez and Jim Jordan, each of whom will also represent the Democratic Party well in the November general election and happily endorse each of them as well.

It is my hope that Sam Houston, Linda Yañez and Jim Jordan will embrace the ideas for judicial reform I have listed on this website and advocated throughout my campaign, which I also encourage the current members of the Texas Supreme Court to implement. Because nearly all of these ideas can be implemented by individual civil and appellate courts and judges throughout Texas, I hope that they will do so of their own volition, and that trial court judges will enter appropriate orders when appointing guardians ad litem pursuant to Rule 173 of the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, giving guardians ad litem the expanded authority I continue to advocate.

The mere fact that I have lost my primary will not end my campaign for the judicial reforms listed below and discussed on my YouTube video which remain relevant and will significantly reduce litigation costs for many Texas litigants, make the Texas courts more accessible to the public, and eliminate unethical practices which are inexplicably tolerated in the Texas judiciary.